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September 2013 - Photography by Julian Lennon
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September 2013

Evening Standard

The musician son of the late Beatle John Lennon is unveiling his first photography exhibition in London - and said it is good to find an artform he can call his own. Julian Lennon, 50, said he had pursued his own musical career with “a little...


Julian Lennon had his head in the clouds for years, and is now exhibiting the resultant pictures. He tells Charlotte Cripps about his 'moments of clarity' Julian Lennon can never get away from his past – he is known as a singer and, most obviously, as...


U2 were recording some demos at my house in France in 2010 and allowed me to take some photographs of them. It was a hot, close summer: one of those ones where you just cannot breathe. I knew it was a great opportunity, but I...